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In June 2019, we launched RedRisks with a view to providing free resources and a networking platform for Risk and Safety Management practitioners. It has certainly taken a lot of effort but more importantly your participation (via surveys, live events etc) to make this platform what it is now.

Consider it like a “watering hole” and it’s definitely not an “elite” club. 

We are open to anyone with an interest in risk reduction and safety performance improvement.  Please support us and play an active role in shaping the future for risk and safety management.

We are continuously improving and tweaking the website everyday by adding fresh content and making it user friendly. Hopefully, you will agree and if not….please let us know. 

We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback for continuous improvement.

In our “newsletter” subscribe box (below), please do offer your suggestions and by subscribing, we can make sure we are progressing in the right direction and report back to you on a weekly basis.

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