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RedRisks Group

RedRisks Group comprises:

  • RedRisks Consultancy:  providing specialist support services in risk and safety management;
  • RedRisks Academy: providing affordable online learning and support services for risk and safety practitioners; and
  • RedRisks Media: non-profit entity, providing free educational resources (videos, posts and technical know-how for risk and safety practitioners).
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About Us

since 2019

We started in August 2019 and our mission was to “Connect-Share-Learn” with like minded individuals within the Risk and Safety Community.

Our vision took into account Diversity and Inclusion.

With Academy and Media, we wanted to provide a “seat at the table” (Diversity) and “a voice at the table” (Inclusion).

Latest Posts

Human – Hero or Hazard

Human – Hero or Hazard

As Human beings are we heroes or hazards when it comes to looking into the benefits of human factors awareness in High Performing Teams and individuals in High Risk Environments or Organisations?

Decoding Ikigai

Decoding Ikigai

Can we “Decode Ikigai” and what does that even mean? Rathinaswamy is an expert in Ikigai and focuses on decoding & nurturing human brains.