Workforce Engagement – Safety in Mind with Charles McLaughlin


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Workforce Engagement – Safety in Mind with Charles McLaughlin

In this Live Event session, Charlie and I will discuss workforce engagement with safety in mind.

 Let’s explore what are the basic ingredients. What do we mean by engagement and how do we know when we are successfully engaging our workforce when it comes to Safety and Risk Management.

Question we answer include:

  • Whatd do we mean by Workforce Engagement?
  • Why is it important?
  • What are the key engagement drivers and factors?
  • Workforce Engagement framework based on the “PERMA” model
  • Real life example.


Charles McLaughlin

Charles McLaughlin

Project HSE Manager - Dar Al Handasah

Short Bio:

  • Charles is Based in Riyadh.
  • Project HSE Manager on the Riyadh Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project.
  • Largest project and most geographically complex of its kind anywhere in the world.
  • He is a Chartered Manager and Chartered Safety Practitioner
  • One day wants to travel on the Trans-Siberian express.   

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