Hazard and safety signs and symbols play an important role when it comes to “managing” safety.

Do you know them and their differences?

The ISO 7010:2019 Standard is the technical standard for hazard and safety signs and symbols.

ISO 7010 uses the colours and principles set out in ISO 3864 with the intention to provide:

“Safety information that relies as little as possible on the use of words to achieve understanding”.

The standard specifies 5 combinations shapes and colours to differentiate information presented.

The following image (Courtesy of Wikipedia) is a summary of the shape and colour of sign types.

{See Enlarged Image}

There are several signs within each Sign Type (Ref: Wikipedia List of ISO 7010 Symbols)

Knowing the basics as above (i.e., Type, Meaning, Colour and Shape) will be an effective step forward in any Hazard and Safety training programmes within your Organisation.

Well worth considering this information for sharing as a Safety Moment.

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