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What is your MoralDNA?

MoralDNA™ is a diagnostic tool that measures our thinking preferences when making moral decisions.

It is built around three ethical decision-making philosophies: the ethic of obedience (rules), the ethic of reason (principles) and the ethic of care (outcomes that benefit all).

It also measures which values or principles we use to make these decisions about what’s right; and how these insights can be correlated with conduct and behaviours.

MoralDNA also detects changes in the way we make ethical decisions in both our professional and personal lives. These differences offer clear insights into the influence of organisational culture on how we think, decide and act both in our private lives and in the workplace.

How does MoralDNA assess organisational culture and performance?

Organisational culture is a complex, adaptive and systemic phenomenon.

Therefore, attempts to change culture using simplistic and deterministic controls and processes will inevitably lead to failure, simply because we can never fully understand nor predict the consequences of the changes we make in these processes and controls.

MoralDNA measures factors that have been correlated both with risk of organisational failure and exceptional, sustained financial performance.

In How The Mighty Fall (2010), Jim Collins conducted research on a number of firms that had failed or were failing, including Hewlett Packard, Merck and Fannie Mae. From this research he identified five destructive behaviours including “hubris born of success”, “undisciplined pursuit of more” and “denial of risk and peril”.

MoralDNA detects cognitive bias towards arrogance, greed and dishonesty in decision-making. 

In contrast, Firms of Endearment (2014) by Raj Sisodia, Jag Seth and David Wolfe analysed the consistent factors that determine the exceptional long-term success of firms such as BMW, Commerce Bank and IKEA. 

The common factors in the success of these firms include having a clear purpose to serve others and caring deeply about all stakeholders. MoralDNA identifies mindsets that focus on good outcomes and how much people care.

Ethics at work

MoralDNA looks at people’s decision making preferences both in their personal and their professional lives.

At a personal level, the MoralDNA scores of people working in employee owned companies are consistent with the moral norms of our global database of 130,000 people.

Overall, the deterministic culture in many workplaces tends to increase robotic compliance with rules – and suppress care and empathy for others.

However, these negative effects are significantly less pronounced within employee-owned companies than in other forms of ownership (the Comparison Group).

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Show Format

  • Introductions and setting the baseline for discussions.
  • Discussions focused on “What is Moral DNA”.
  • Live audience interaction – you may want to discuss your MoralDNA Profile (see below on how to check for free).
  • Closing thoughts…conclusions etc.

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Roger Steare

Roger Steare

The Corporate Philosopher

Since 1998, Roger has helped thousands of leaders around the world to re-discover their purpose, their humanity and their integrity with significant improvement in sustainable profitability.

Clients have included Barclays, BP, Citi, Clifford Chance, EY, HSBC, Nationwide, NHS Trusts, Openreach, PWC and RBS.

He has also advised regulators, law enforcement and other government agencies.

He is the author of “ethicability” and “Thinking outside the inbox”; and co-designer of the MoralDNA Profile.

He has been described as a “disruptive”, “provocative” and “world-class” keynote speaker on leadership, culture and ethics.

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