Weekly NewsWire: 17 July 2020

Jul 17, 2020

One of the many challenges with digital media is that it can get information dense.

I am pleased to report that the website has now been cleaned up with and new navigation tools (Tags) placed on the sidebar to help find stuff a lot quicker. We have also upgraded the “Search” feature to find things with greater accuracy.

During the course of the next 2 weeks, I am also planning on automating the newsletter, especially as we now have over 1K subscribers! I will let you know in advance as there is a chance emails may end up in neverland.

Below, a quick round up on some developments at RedRisks:

Risk and Safety Professionals (RASP) Forum

Getting closer and our next Live Event (#002) is scheduled for 23rd July. Our focus is “Gamification & Safety”. There will be actual game playing sessions so that you can get a feel for gamification and also perhaps apply. Event details (i.e., Zoom login, pass code etc) are posted on LinkedIn < Click Here >.

For ease of reference, bookmark this page and click here to access via Zoom. The login details are as follows:
Meeting ID: 810 6291 5833
Password: 874860


Next week, I am starting a new feature which is “QuizME”. These are quizzes just for fun (no tracking or recording of results) based on the videos, live events etc. More will be revealed next week.

Live Events

The next live event is with Gemma and that’s the RASP Networking event (mentioned above with link details).

YouTube (YT) Channel

Videos released this week include “How to Improve Human Resilience – Interview with Ed Thomas” and “Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts – Should you be doing them…are you missing out?

You can find all the planned YouTube Broadcasts on our Schedule page.

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