Weekly NewsWire: 03 July 2020

Jul 3, 2020

This week’s highlights at RedRisks:

Risk and Safety Professionals (RASP) Forum

Gemma will be hosting our next Live Event (#002), which is scheduled for 23rd July.  Our focus is on “Gamification & Safety”.  More details will follow nearer the date. We will post the event details on the RASP LinkedIn Group, which you can access with this LINK.

Opinion Surveys

The June Opinion Survey “IOSH: My thoughts and views” results are now posted and you find them using this LINK. There are some interesting results based on 316 responses.  Since our RASP Group on LinkedIn has grown significantly (and continues to grow), we will move our surveys and polls to the LinkedIn platform. It will be a lot easier to access, manage and see results.

Live Streaming Events

Our next Live Event is with Gemma and that’s the RASP Networking event. I had planned on a rerun for Risk Management Fundamentals, however, only speculative at this stage due to a packed month. There is a lot happening and all will be revealed in the next few weeks 🙂

YouTube (YT) Channel

Videos this week were “Leadership – What are the Magic Ingredients”, which is the recording of our live event and “OSH Opportunities – Sources and Assessment“, which follows up on a question asked by one of YouTube subscribers.

You can find all the planned YT Broadcasts on our Schedule page.

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