Weekly Newsletter – w/e 8 May 2020

May 8, 2020

Weekly Newsletter 08 May 2020

Weekly Newsletter – w/e 8th May 2020

Some quick highlights as to what’s happened this week..

Live Events

Following on from our live event on the 15th April 2020 (Psychological Challenges after COVID-19 and Potential Solutions), we had our planned live event on the 5th May titled “The Future for Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)”.

I knew this was going to be a “hot” topic for debate and I wasn’t disappointed.

Whatever your views are on BBS (i.e, for, against or neutral), watch this video. At least enjoy the fireworks now and then.

You can find the video here: https://youtu.be/Xvc2WcPM_jk

If we don’t ask tricky questions or propose thoughts for discussions, these shows become just another in a long line of discussions for the digital library.

The good news is that we have a follow up planned and I will let you know as soon as that takes shape.

Check on our YouTube Schedules page for what’s planned regarding future broadcasts.

Opinion Survey for May 2020

In April we carried out an Opinion Survey titled “Post COVID-19 Challenges, Concerns, Worries etc”.

The results are here: https://www.redrisks.com/post-covid-19-challenges-concerns-worries-etc/

There were 327 who took part in the April survey.

For the question “We will have to rethink our safety culture because of the impact of lock down”, 78% people said Yes.

Based on this response, the Opinion Survey for May is just one question and that is:

The New Normal – Critical Focus Areas for Risk and Safety Management…what do you think they are?

There is a selection of responses and you can choose your top 3 (Max) There is also the option to add your own suggestion.

We will close this survey at the end of this month (May) and share the results in June.

The link for this Opinion Survey is: https://www.redrisks.com/opinion-survey-may-2020/

Till next time…

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