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RASP Forum

RASP Forum Update

  • We are planning a Live Event Just for members of RASP (Risk and Safety Professionals) Forum, tentatively for June.
  • For the first session, we will just open it out and see how discussions flow and what are the topics of interest within the community.
  • Date, time etc will be confirmed well in advance (around 2 weeks beforehand) to allow for circulation, planning etc.
  • In case you haven’t subscribed to the LinkedIn Group (RASP), follow this LINK.
RedRisks Opinion Survey

May’s Opinion Survey

RedRisks Live Streaming Events

Live Streaming Events

  • The next live event is on 3rd June and the title is “Risk Management Fundamentals”.  
  • It’s a modified version of the f-2-f training that I provide for Clients who want a high level overview on risk management. For many, this might be basic…maybe?
  • We have had a fantastic response and I am really looking forward to the session. 
RedRisks YouTube Channel

On YouTube

Before I sign off:

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It will really help us grow and keep providing 100% free educational content on risk and safety management.

Go on, pls subscribe…it will take just 2 mins of your time 😊

Thank you for your continued support and catch up next week for more RedRisks shenanigans.


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