Weekly Newsletter (w/e 22 May 2020)

May 22, 2020

Weekly Newsletter (w/e 22 May 2020)

This week’s shenanigans at RedRisks:

The Risk and Safety Professionals (RASP) Forum

This week, we kicked off our first “RASPals” ZOOM meeting with Andi, Gemma, Irada, Javi and Mohamed (Want to know more about them?) We started with introductions and then discussed specific aspects, including COVID 19 impact, what’s the future for digital networking, expectations from the RASP forum etc.

As you can imagine, it was more a “getting to know you” session. We are going to have regular meetings and make sure that we shape the RASP Forum to be what it’s supposed to be, which is:

A watering hole for Risks and Safety Professionals (RASPals)

In case you haven’t subscribed to the LinkedIn Group (RASP), follow this LINK.

Opinion Survey for May

You might recall that for May we kicked off a simple survey that follows up on a question from the April Survey. The question is:

The New Normal – Critical Focus Areas for Risk and Safety Management…what do you think they are?

I am pleased to say that we have had a reasonable response, but of course, it always helps when we have more input.

This survey closes at the end of this month (May 2020), so please have your say and I will share the results in June.

Live Streaming Events

Following on from our live event “The Future for Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)”, the live event feedback survey is now closed. The results have been collated and posted on the website. Follow this LINK for the feedback survey.

I have started discussions with Dom, Scott and Tim for the next Live Event session which could be towards the end of June. I will update you on progress, hopefully next week.

Next Live event is in June:  The title is “Risk Management Fundamentals”.  It’s a modified version of the f-2-f training that I provide for Clients who want a high level overview on risk management. For many, this might be basic…maybe?

On YouTube – this week

Last week, I was asked to give some thoughts and my best advice for safety performance improvement and it really got my brain cells rocking (yes, all 2 of them 😊). After I rocked both my brain cells, I came up with 3 specific aspects which I then decided to make a short video about. What a surprise!!

So, the video this week on the YT Channel is all about “Safety Performance Improvement – What would be your best advice?”.  Check it out, follow this LINK.

I know you will have your own thoughts and views. I would like to follow this up with future content and perhaps you are agreeable for a chat on video?

Let me know by replying back to this email.

Before I sign off  for this week – I need your help

Whilst I am not a big fan of the number of people subscribed to a YT Channel (more vanity than sanity), it does play a huge role in getting ranked with Google etc. I know you might not be a huge fan of YouTube, but it really takes just a couple of minutes and a click.

If you haven’t already, please head on over to the Channel and click that subscribe button. This is the LINK.

It will mean a lot to me and to many others who will benefit from 100% free educational content on risk and safety management.

Go on, pls subscribe…it will take just 2 mins of your time 😊

Thank you for your continued support and catch up next week for more RedRisks shenanigans.


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