Weekly Newsletter (w/e 05 June 2020)

Jun 5, 2020

Weekly newsletter for week ending 5th June 2020

This week at RedRisks:

RASP Forum

RASP Forum

  • Hooray- Our inaugural Live Event Just for members of RASP (Risk and Safety Professionals) Forum has been scheduled for June. For more details CLICK HERE. A big thank you to Gemma for moderating the live event.

  • In case you haven’t subscribed to the LinkedIn Group (RASP), follow this LINK.

RedRisks Opinion Survey

Opinion Survey

RedRisks Live Streaming Events

Live Streaming Events

  • This week I delivered our “Risk Management Fundamentals” Live Event and we had great participation. Many were unable to attend or get online (due to numbers) and I am planning a rerun. I will put snippets of the video recording on the YouTube Channel and let you know.  

  • The next live event is the RASP Networking event (mentioned above).

  • Towards the end of the month (24th June tentatively), we will have our final Live Event and will feature our 3 experts (Profs. Dominic Cooper, Scott Geller and Tim Marsh). The topic is “Leadership: What are the magic ingredients“. Details will be shared in next week’s newsletter and via the usual social media channels.

  • You can find a complete listing of all our planned events plus videos on our YouTube Schedule page.

RedRisks YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

  • This week I put out a short video titled “Leading and Lagging Indicators – What are they?“. It looks like it went down well and the feedback has been very positive. I made use of my digital tricks to make the presentation a little more entertaining.

  • You can find all the planned YT Broadcasts on our Schedule page.

Before I sign off:

If you haven’t already, please head on over to the YouTube Channel and click that subscribe button. This is the LINK.

It will really help us grow and keep providing 100% free educational content on risk and safety management.

Go on, pls subscribe…it will take just 2 mins of your time 😊

Thank you for your continued support and catch up next week for more RedRisks shenanigans.


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