The Future for Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)

May 6, 2020

The Future for Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) – now that’s an interesting topic to discuss.

On 15th April 2020, we hosted a live event with 3 World Class Experts, namely Professors Dominic Cooper, Scott Geller and Tim Marsh.

During that live event, which had over 75 attendees, we agreed that we need to follow up with an another session.

Guess what….this was it:

“The Future for Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)”.

I knew that this was going to a “hot” topic for debate and it was certainly fully charged with energy and passion.

These live events with Tim, Dom and Scott just keeps getting better and yet again, we had 60+ attendees.

Another super turnout and digital engagement.

Whatever your views are on BBS (i.e, for, against or neutral), watch this video. At least enjoy the fireworks now and then.

If we don’t ask tricky questions or propose thoughts for discussions, these shows become just another in a long line of discussions for the digital library.

By the way…

If you want to know a little bit more about BBS (i.e., origin, evolution etc), I did a series of interviews (5 Shows) with Scott back in 2017 which you check out – just click on the links below.

The shows were structured as follows:

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