Prof. Ivan Robertson

Professor Ivan Roberston

April 20, 2021

Being a guest on RedRisks is a very positive experience.

The technology is simple and trouble-free, so there is no stress from that point of view.

I participated in an hour of discussion with Sonni, Jorge and various participants from the audience.

Sonni led the conversation very effectively but did not dominate it.

I felt that I had good opportunities to explain my points and there were also several insightful comments and questions from the audience.

Overall a very professional set-up and it was a pleasure to be involved.

Ivan’s Profile (Bio):

Ivan is a Chartered Psychologist, Fellow of the British Psychological Society and Fellow of the British Academy of Management.

His main role is as Founding Director of Robertson Cooper Ltd – a leading provider of psychological well-being and engagement solutions to organizations. He is also Emeritus Professor at the University of Manchester.

Ivan’s experience covers over 30 years working at senior levels with industry/national government, education and business.

Ivan has advised many organizations, on a worldwide basis, on a wide range of issues including, well-being management, work-life balance, leadership development and training, the psychological assessment of employees, and the selection and development of top teams.

At the University of Manchester, Ivan has held senior positions, including: Head of Manchester School of Management, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and he also served as Deputy Vice Chancellor of UMIST.  Ivan has held visiting posts in the USA, Singapore and Australia.

Ivan has published over 40 books on Work & Organizational Psychology and is approaching 200 scholarly articles/conference papers.

His latest books are: Well-Being: Happiness and Productivity at Work and Management and Happiness.

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