Professor Dominic Cooper

Dr Dominic Cooper
Professor Dominic Cooper

November 4, 2020

Being a guest on Sonni’s shows is a fantastic experience for a number of reasons.

First is just the pure joy of interacting with Sonni himself. He puts you at ease by creating a warm, light-hearted welcome and easing the show into the topic. Sonni is nobody’s fool, his questions cut to the quick of the matter under discussion. I liken him to the Michael Parkinson of Podcast land as he creates a humorous conversational dialogue.

Second, is that you have to know your topic and feel comfortable sharing it. Sonni will have done some research himself, so that he knows when and where to apply his probing questions to steer the conversation to maximise the benefit for the audience.

Third, the interactions with the live audience really keep you on your toes as the quality of questions and audience is very high, and you can be assured of a ‘curve ball’.

Lastly, I have been lucky enough to have had a few guest appearances on Sonni’s show, and it has been very beneficial to my thinking on any given topic, as I have had to formulate my thoughts into coherent themes that can be easily understood by all.

All in all, if you have something to say and really know your stuff, I would highly recommend interacting with Sonni on RedRisks Live.

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