Matt Powell-Howard

Matt Powell Howard
Matt Powell-Howard

May 11, 2021

It was a very positive experience being part of a RedRisks Live.

Sonni, Jennet and the team are generous with their time and provide a relaxing atmosphere during the event and plenty of comms prior to it.

The platform they use is stable and user friendly.

As a speaker, you are given the space to expand on your points and at no time are you broadsided with anything controversial or something you’d feel uncomfortable to talk about ‘on air’.

You also get the opportunity to ask the other colleagues on the call questions, so it seems very much like a conversation, as opposed to an interview.

Really happy to recommend the show to other speakers.

Matt Powell-Howard graduated in Safety and Environmental Management from the University of Hull and holds a Master of Arts degree in Education from the University of York.  He worked initially in the chemical process industry in the UK for a number of top tier COMAH sites before moving on to SHE roles in consultancy, manufacturing, construction, quarrying and the hydrocarbon industries.

Matt joined NEBOSH in 2006 and has held various roles during that time.  Matt is currently the NEBOSH Head of Learning & Partnerships with responsibility for the development of partnered NEBOSH products and qualifications. 

He has 20 years’ experience in Health, Safety and Environmental Management and is a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner..