As a Risk Management practitioner, trends fascinate me.

The Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) produce a topic titled “Top 5 most read in X“.  I thought it would be interesting to see what they were historically and also to get a feel for what is “Top of the Pops”.

About the SHP

The following summary is based on information from their website:

Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) is first for independent health and safety news. 

SHP Online is the leading online resource for all news on the latest government decisions, legislation, initiatives, research, hundreds of jobs and CPD – and its audience includes the largest database in the industry, giving commercial clients unparalleled access to 159,000 professionals active in the market.

Here are Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) Top 5 Most Read:

Unfortunately, There was only limited information available on the website, but here’s what I found:

August 2019

  • Clancy Docwra was fined £1 for failing to ensure the safety of its employees.
  • Concrete company fined after welder loses four fingers.
  • Engineering firm pleads guilty for failing to safeguard machine.
  • A building company and its director fined for Gas work negligence.
  • Aircraft engineer sentenced for lying about exams.

July 2019

  • Govia Thameslink Railway Ltd fined £1m over Gatwick Express window death.
  • Firm fined after worker loses full scalp, ears and one of her thumbs.
  • Worker killed after being hit by lorry.
  • Untrained worker died after tree fall.
  • Non-compliance with notices leads to fine.

June 2019

  • £126 fine for Southern Water.
  • Chevron fined £5m for refinery explosion.
  • Tesla Engineering worker hit and killed by gantry crane.
  • National Grid fined following worker’s death.
  • Timber fell ten metres onto 3-year-old

May 2019

  • ??

April 2019

  • 2 Sisters Food fined £1.4m for safety breach.
  • Sellafield fined £380k after worker received a puncture wound.
  • Priory Healthcare fined £300k following the death of a 14-year-old patient.
  • A construction site fined £160k after a 12-year-old boy fell from unsecured ladder.
  • Two firms fined after demolition worker received electrical burns.

What’s the trend?

If we think about performance indicators (i.e., Leading and Lagging indicators), we could “tag” these articles and get the following:

  • August 2019 = 5 Lagging, 0 Leading
  • July 2019 = 5 Lagging, 0 Leading
  • June 2019 = 5 Lagging, 0 Leading
  • May 2019 =  NO DATA
  • April 2019 = 5 Lagging, 0 Leading

Based on this information, it appears Lagging news seems to be more popular. 

However, I do have to make the following clear:

  • It’s not a big sample.
  • It’s only based on what SHP prints (i.e., the articles they select to publish or post).
  • The numbers (i.e., views, reads) are not shown. I did ask SHP for details but they declined and I can understand the reasons (i.e., commercial information).

So what?

There is nothing wrong with Lagging news, in fact it’s a good wake up call when we look at historical information and outcomes.

It’s that “I didn’t think of that” moment.

In my experience, Companies like to have a combination of both Leading and Lagging indicators.  Certainly, the companies I support have a greater bias towards Leading indicators.

In Conclusion

  • I have no affiliation with the Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) other than reading their publications etc.
  • I consider the information and Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) publication really helpful, insightful and supportive in the learning process.
  • Of course, they can’t control what folks read, only what they publish.
  • More Leading indicator type news and articles please….it’s not all doom and gloom.

Takes me back to my interview with Dr Dominic Cooper on “Why has UK’s Safety Performance Flatlined?”

Have a look on SHP’s News page…did you spot any articles that help with improving or developing Leading indicators?

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