SG:Live – Green Room

In digital media terms, a “Green Room” is a virtual waiting room for guests and performers who are not on camera.

On this webpage, I would like to share some tips and suggestions for my guests and presenters appearing on SG:Live that might help them to prepare (if needed).

On a positive note, even the most accomplished and polished presenters in the world “fluff” up.

SG Live

Prior to the Event

  • Content & Format  – Unless it’s “freestyle”, this is normally all sorted with you to make sure you are agreeable and comfortable with the flow of discussions.
  • Platform – I use a range of platforms for streaming (e.g., Zoom, Streamyard, Restream etc).  Before the event, I will send you a link that will allow you to connect with me on the scheduled day.
  • LIGHTS – CAMERA – ACTION :  When it comes to being on camera, I always think about these 3 important facets and below, I have some tips and suggestions that you might find helpful.


Such an important and overlooked aspect. Perhaps obvious, but here are top my tips:

  • If possible, use natural light. However, if you want to use other light sources, you may have to test them offline to make sure it’s the best for you.
  • Make sure the light source is directly in front of you and behind the camera. If possible, avoid overhead lights, unless you have “fill lights”.
  • If there are a lot of shadows (e.g., on the face), try using “fill lights”. The choice is yours and really depends on your skin tone, ambient lighting etc.
  • The best tip I can offer is test the light sources offline and watch the recorded clips to make sure you are happy with the output.


Again, perhaps obvious, but here are my tips:

  • Minimise using “busy backgrounds” because “YOU” are the important focal point.
  • Try an keep the colour palette simple but complementing your skin tone, clothes etc.
  • Avoid having the camera below your eyeline, what I call “nasal shots”. My optimum choice is having the camera positioned and pointing at a slight downward angle. 
  • Make sure the camera is securely mounted and vibrations minimised, especially if you are using a laptop or desktop camera.
  • Always a good idea to give a camera lens a wipe before the live session. I always find dust on my camera lens, even when covered up!
  • The best tip I can offer is play around with the camera angles and when you are really happy, make a mark or setting indicator for future reference.


Now we come to the big stuff and here are some of my top tips:

  • We all make mistakes and it’s the host or moderators job to make sure the discussions flow well.
  • Minimise rapid movements and gestures because these are hugely magnified on camera.
  • With regard to audio aspects, always worth checking that you have a decent microphone. I find using a headset for live events is much better than a free standing mic…worth experimenting before the event because it can be cumbersome to wear for a long time.
  • Minimise talking over other guests. If you want to say something, I usually find a short hand movement near the face or mouth is a good indicator for others. This is why it’s important to avoid excessive body movements.
  • The best tip I can offer is relax, just be natural and yourself.