Risk Management Fundamentals


3rd June 2020



1300 hrs BST (Time Zone Converter)


60 mins (Max)

Inc Q&A



Details TBC



Risk Management Fundamentals

ISO 31000 Guidelines for Risk Management defines Risk Management as:

Coordinated activities to direct and control an Organisation with regard to risk.

This is a modified (for online) version of a training course that I have delivered for various Clients (over the last 4 years) who wanted to provide their Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and General workforce an “increased awareness” on the principles of risk management (including safety). 


Not essential, but some useful articles/ videos to watch prior to the event includes the following:

Who will find it interesting?

This is an awareness course and will greatly appeal to the following:

Key Topics

A snapshot of what will be covered during the 60 min session:

  • Essential definitions
  • ISO 31000 Overview (primer only)
  • Risk Assessment Overview
  • Risk Identification (interactive)
  • Risk Analysis – RAM, hierarchy of control etc
  • Risk Evaluation – profiling
  • Risk Management – registers, tracking etc.


Rest assured it will not be “death by Power Point”.

I want to make this a user friendly, pragmatic approach in establishing risk management fundamentals.

Whilst, I may not be able to relate 100% to your business (unless you are an existing or previous Client), there will be an interactive session with plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

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Event Date: 3rd June 2020

This is a FREE Live Event. Please note we cannot guarantee a virtual seat because this is limited capacity “bespoke” event (i.e., the focus is on quality of  digital discussion and not the number of people attending).

However, please do register anyway and then we can send you the details for the recording of the Live Event.

Sonni Gopal

Sonni Gopal

Risk & Safety Management Specialist

Sonni has over 30 years of experience in Risk Management, Workplace HSE and Process Safety Management.

During his career, Sonni developed, implemented and managed HSE related strategies, programmes and KPI initiatives for major multi-national organisations.

Sonni was responsible for the ISO 14001 development, implementation and external certification of the first (Globally) Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) project within BP, valued in excess of $4Bn (Ref: Wikipedia)

A prolific “digital net-worker”, Sonni is widely respected within the Risk and Safety Discipline/Community for his interpersonal skills, project management, leadership training and development of highly successful training tools and techniques, which he shares openly and freely via social media and his YouTube Channel “RedRisks“.

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