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Risk Management Fundamentals

Jun 10, 2020

Risk Management Fundamentals

The video above is an extract of the live event recorded on the 3rd June 2020. It’s a short video focusing on Risk Identification.

Thank you to all those who participated in this Live Event session.

As I mentioned in the presentation, ISO 31000 Guidelines for Risk Management defines Risk Management as:

Coordinated activities to direct and control an Organisation with regard to risk.

The presentation was a modified version of a training course that I have delivered for various Clients (over the last 4 years) who wanted to provide their Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and General workforce an “increased awareness” on the principles of risk management (including safety). 

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I made references to several videos on my YouTube Channel and for ease of access, I have listed them below.  Of course, I would welcome you subscribing to the channel and playing an active role. There is a subscribe link in the corner of each video.

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