A short collection of testimonials below for my book Risk Management Simplified: A Definitive Guide for Workplace and Process Risk Management

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    Sonni has taken a very complex subject, distilled it down to its component parts, and made it accessible to all, in a step-by-step sequence.

    You can read the book in an afternoon, or just pick out those parts that seem relevant to you. Either way, there is no longer any excuse for not understanding and practicing solid risk management principles, no matter what your job position is.

    To make something complex look this simple takes great skill.

    Well done Sonni, you rolled up your sleeves and got down into the dirt to do your readers proud.

    Dr Dominic Cooper

    CEO at B-Safe Management Solutions

    A great book for the beginners, senior managers and business owners to better understand risks and how to manage them for their business in a truly simplified way!

    I recommend it to anyone who needs to understand and manage risks for business.

    Dilip Patel

    Consultant, Non Executive Director and Advisory Board Member, AD Consulting and Engineering, Harvey Milton, Energise Futures and Praj Marine Consultants Pte.

    Risk Management Simplified: A Definitive guide for Workplace and Process Risk Management provides readers a clear guidance on the ‘meat and bones” of Risk Management Framework…..This book is a must read for all RM practitioners either SMEs (to refresh corporate memory loss which can take place sometimes or in other word “to avoid complacency”) and Risk Management practitioners.

    Eur Ing. Ir. Siva Kannan CEng, SIIRSM, FIChemE, PEPC BEM

    Deputy General Manager, HSEU & Manager Process Safety Group, INPEX Corporation

    • A good introduction to risk management for workplace and process safety.
    • Useful companion for managers as its practical advice I am sure will help them to stay grounded and avoid unnecessary complexities.
    • The book would have been enhanced if it had had a more refined layout though.
    • Overall it is a good introduction that will help the reader to strike the right balance and lay the foundations for further exploration of the topic.
    A. Javier Gaspar Marichal (Javi) CMIOSH BSc (Hons) TechCIEHF

    Health, Safety and Ergonomics Specialist, HSW Manager