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Risk Based Process Safety Gap Analysis Tool


I developed and successfully deployed this Gap Analysis Tool (GAT) for many Clients and helped them scope out, implement and also audit their CCPS Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) Framework.

The GAT Tool is essentially an excel file with several worksheets focusing on the 20 pillars (or elements) within the RBPS framework.

There are 2 options available for the download as follows:

FREE “Baseline” version:

This is the excel file with questions and responses populated for one of the Pillars. The rest of the worksheets are blank but with cells that you can populate with your own questions and responses based on the scoring provided.

PAID “Full Strength” version:

Of course it will take time and quite a few iterations before you feel comfortable with the questions and responses that you might put into the free version.

After you have that level of confidence with the Free version that this is the right tool for you, you might want to buy the “full strength” version.

In the full strength version, I have developed all the the questions and responses for each Pillar (Element) in such a way so as to NOT overburden the whole Gap Analysis process (i.e., fine tuned after lessons learned from previous applications).

To Conclude:

You might want to download the Free version, check it out and then use the 10% Coupon Code for the Paid version (limited time offer).

The choice is yours and there is no hard sell involved.

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