Resilient Safety Culture

Resilient Safety Culture

Cultural approach to safety is now being recognised since focusing on safety management systems alone does not give results due to limitations.

Safety culture is social characteristics not individual, but culture is a matter of individual attitudes, which can be cultivated.

Resilience is considered as those features that enable an organisation to cope with, adapt to and recover from a disaster event.

Resilient Safety Culture (RSC) concept has emerged from a systemic view of safety and risk management in complex systems. RSC is an emerging field and information is still relatively new.

In this show, on Resilient Safety Culture (RSC) for complex organisations, we explore with Arun the following:

  • What is resilient safety culture model?
  • How can we quantify? 
  • What is the resilience index? 
  • How does the resilience index helps organisations?

An organisation having a resilience safety culture:

  1. Has a safety culture stressing a learning culture with a truly just culture
  2. Strives for resilience developing
  3. Strives for efficiency in safety management and for integration of safety and core business performance for efficiency 
  4. Is mindful 
  5. Is observant on and mitigate holes in the culture 
  6. Has a systems view identifying and controlling system weaknesses 
  7. Has a functioning organization for organizational learning 
  8. Stresses efficient change management 
  9. Designs for safety 
  10. Applies a continuous improvement philosophy 
  11. Stress commitment, cognisance and competence from top management to operators.

Join us as we discuss with Arun Garg Resilience Safety Culture.

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