Internet Connection Error – Why?

Quite often we open Apps and not close them down. They run in the background, draining battery etc. There are many reasons for getting this error but it’s not common.

We found it on just 1/10 devices (an old device). We only got the error once on some links only and it wasn’t due to the APP. Weird!!!

After accepting (click “OK”), try the the link again and it should work. 

Can I change font size?

Font size can be changed if the feature is available (limitations in coding).  You should see an image like this one….

Change my profile details, password etc?

Once you are signed in, on the main APP page click on the 3 little dots (top RHS).

[The menu shown below might have changed, but the 3 dots will be there]

Clear my cache?

There are a number of ways that you can clear the cache on your mobile device.

Our first suggestion is to refer to the manual/ guidance provided by the manufacturer. If you don’t have that handy the next step is to search online.

Within the APP there is also an option to Clear Cache as shown, along with other features (the 3 dots on the RHS).

This often will do the job, however, our first suggestion (above) provides greater reassurance.