APP-FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a "Web-Version" of the APP?

Yes there is.

Click here.

Blog text is small - can I change size?

The font size in some features and content  can changed. Just look out for the icons as shown below.

Blog Text Size Change

Blog Text Size Change

Can I change my response in an Opinion Poll?

The results from our Opinion Polls are unique in the database.

Once it has been registered, your response can’t be changed…not even by us.

We ( cannot manipluate any of the results in any opinion poll (that’s not ethical). All we can do is reset or delete.

We want to make sure the Polls are real results from real people.

Can I see the results from an Opinion Poll?

Yes…once you click the “Results” button you should see the updated status and tally.

Remember to sign if first 🙂

Why do some links not work?

The main reason could be because you haven’t “cold started” the APP for a while.

Close the APP and just start again so that it can sync with Google Play or Apple Store.

If that didn’t work…please let us know using the Contact Us Icon and we will fix it.

This will greatly help us and other users.



How can I get notifications?

We hate spam emails and notifications..what a waste of time and resources.

We are constantly adding material and tweaking the APP. Notifications on updates, changes etc will be sent only to Subscribers of specific features. 

In all cases, we will monitor the messages and information to make sure it’s not junk and that’s a promise.

In case you have not subscribed, use the APP or follow this link.

Of course, if you are not a subscriber and don’t wish to subscribe, check out the “APPy-News tab for news on latest developments etc.

Can I make suggestions for content, material or improvements?

How can we refuse such an offer.

Just get in touch with us using the “Contact Us” Icon.


Confidentiality Aspects

We will never share your details with any 3rd party without your consent / approval.

Please also take a look at our GDPR and Privacy Policy here.