SINCE 2019

About Us

We started in August 2019 and our mission was to “Connect-Share-Learn” with like minded individuals within the Risk and Safety Community.

Our vision took into account Diversity and Inclusion.

With Academy and Media, we wanted to provide a “seat at the table” (Diversity) and “a voice at the table” (Inclusion).

Our Focus

We primarly focus on Risk and Safety Management.

We provide Live Events, Online Networking Events, Seminars, Webinars and Consultancy Support Services across a diverse range of sectors, industry on a International Level.

Support Us: 

Even if you are only an occasional YouTube watcher,  by subscribing to our YouTube Channel, you will help us enormously by widening and increasing our reach.

Sharing is Caring and by subscribing you empower our vision (Connect-Share-Learn) and support our values (Diversity and Inclusion).