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Psychological Challenges after COVID-19 and Potential Solutions

Apr 15, 2020

What a turnout…

On the 15th April (2020), we put this Live Event together to get 3 World Class Experts in a discussion regarding “COVID-19” Psychological Challenges and Potential Solutions….SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED….WE FELT A SENSE OF PURPOSE & ALIGNMENT…watch this video till the end and check out the closing discussions.

You will definitely want to take part in the next one – Check out the feedback below.

Psychological Challenges after COVID-19 and Potential Solutions

For many of us (if not for all of us), the new normal will not be like the old normal or ‘business as usual’.

It’s the first time that all 3 of our World Class Experts collaborated to offer their advice, thoughts, experience and knowledge for the Global Community.

With a tremendous wealth of expertise in humanistic psychology, behavioural safety, human performance and clinical psychology, our World Class Experts will add significant value towards potential solutions for specific post-COVID 19 challenges.

3 World Renowned Experts

Professor Dominic Cooper

Professor Dominic Cooper

CEO at B-Safe

Previously, a Professor at Indiana University (Bloomington), Dom is one of the Worlds leading authorities in Behavioural Science and Safety Culture.

He is a Chartered Psychologist, a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) and a Member of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP).

Dom has supported major companies such as ExxonMobil, Eli Lilly, Foster Wheeler achieve world-class safety results. 

Dom is an award-winning author and has written several books on Behavioural Safety, Safety Culture change and Safety Leadership.

Professor Scott Geller

Professor Scott Geller

Alumni Distinguished Professor

The pioneer of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS), Scott  is Alumni Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech and Director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems.
Scott is founder of the idea of “Actively Caring” and GoogleScholar, references Scott as a “significant figure in his field, having over 20 papers each with over 100 citations”.
Professor Tim Marsh

Professor Tim Marsh

MD Anker and Marsh

Professor Tim Marsh is recognised as a world authority on the subject of behavioural safetysafety leadership and organisational culture.

As well as working with many of the world’s most recognisable industrial names, Tim has worked with the European Space Agency, the BBC, Sky TV and the National Theatre, and has chaired or key noted dozens of conferences on S,H & W in Europe and around the world.

He gave the closing key note address at the Campbell Institute’s inaugural ‘international thought leaders” conference in 2014. He has written several books including Affective Safety Management, Talking Safety, Organised Well-being, Safety Savvy and A Definitive Guide to Behavioural Safety.

Tim founded Ryder-Marsh Safety in 1994 and is now MD of Anker & Marsh.

Post- Event Feedback

On the whole, all feedback we recieved was constructive and engaging. A selection of feedback is provided below (in no prticular order):

Mark (Indiana, USA)Thank you for hosting this meeting.  I was able to walk away with a few ideas to implement when our plant returns to work.  Look forward to future sessions if you are able to arrange.    

Bernard (New York, USA)Thank you for allowing me to attend today. The session was great and we could have talked about these issues for hours. 

Maciej (London, UK)Thank you so much for organising today’s webinar. I think it was very good, and I’ll be very keen to participate in future sessions.

Graham (Reading, UK)Great zoom meeting and good interaction 

Gemma (Derby, UK)Thank you for arranging a very interesting session. I would be very interested and grateful to be included if you host any more.

Alex (St Ives, UK):  The session yesterday went really well and I would like to be involved regularly should the chance be available.

Karen (Cleveland, UK): I just wanted to say thank you for organising the event last night.  I would like to be involved in any future discussions.

Phil (Pontefract, UK): I enjoyed the session with Tim, Dom and Scott.  I have met all three of them over the years (Dom and Scott at the Behavioural Safety Now Convention in the USA.) Good to see that they haven’t changed much and are still as passionate as ever.  Thanks for organising and keep me posted for future sessions

Shaun (Enfield, UK): The video of the session is great. I’d like to sign up for the next one if possible.

Gonzalo (Chile, South America): Thank you Sonni for your support and share this interesting session with this recognized giants of behavior safety.

Keith (Sheffield, UK)I would welcome the opportunity to continue being part of this group & adding as much value as I possibly can.

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