Short Risk Assessment Guide for Wind Turbines

Short Risk Assessment Guide for Wind Turbines

In 2019, I had 2 requests for suggestions on how to carry out a risk assessment for wind turbines.  After a few emails back and forth this developed into somewhat of a “tome”.

And then it struck me….why not share what I suggested as an article…voila!

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How to Improve Process Safety Culture

How to Improve Process Safety Culture

It took many incidents and several fatalities (loss of life) to get that awareness (and rightly so) regarding the importance of a strong “Process Safety Culture”. So how do you improve process safety culture?

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What is a Balanced Score Card (BSC) for Safety?

What is a Balanced Score Card (BSC) for Safety?

Created in 1992 by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the balanced scorecard (BSC) was initially aimed at helping public agencies better manage and measure performance.

More recently, BSC has been used for an integrated approach to performance measurement and management.

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