COVID 19 Opinions Survey Results

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The results are in for the the survey “Post COVID 19 Challenges, Concerns, Worries etc”.

We ran this survey (our first one on this website) for the last 2 weeks in April and not a bad response rate.

We had 327 people take part and the results are follows for the 5 questions asked:

My challenge will be getting used to the “new normal”

We will have to rethink our safety culture because of the impact of lock down.

Do you think you will be working from home more?

Will there be a greater need for online training?

Will COVID-19 change your attitude towards remote meetings?


  • When I look at these results, in many ways not really a surprise and it seems to echo what I read and watch in the news every day.
  • For sure, COVID-19 will create a “new normal”. As to how long it will last…who knows.
  • I think it would be great to run this survey again, perhaps slightly modified, a few months post COVID-19 and then compare results.

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