May Survey Results

And now, the results for our May Survey:

The New Normal – Critical Focus Areas for Risk and Safety Management …what do you think they are?
POST COVID 19 Survey Results
The May survey was a follow up to our April Survey titled Post COVID-19 Challenges, Concerns, Worries etc. You can find the results for the April Survey HERE (including a Podcast)There were 327 who took part in our April survey and for the question “We will have to rethink our safety culture because of the impact of lock down”, 78% people said Yes.

In Conclusion:

Ok, it was no Ipsos MORI Poll. However, the responses from 91 people is a reasonably good signal when you consider that the greater weighting is towards Stress Management, BBS, Crisis Management and Response.

In the other category we had Musculoskeletal problems and Ergonomics.

This is most likely what you expected when you take into account the impact that COVID 19 has had on our health and mental well being.

My thanks to all those who took part.

Don’t forget to take part in our June Opinion Survey (IOSH – My thoughts and views).

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