AE02: How to Improve Safety Culture

How to Improve Safety Culture

Date of Event:   April 8, 2021

Time of Event:  EVENT FINISHED

Event Duration:  60 Mins

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About this Event

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In this immersive, networking event we tapped into the “Wisdom of Crowds” and discussed How to Improve Safety Culture.

In 2020, topics on “Safety Culture” were by far the most popular we discussed.

There is something for everyone and everyone has something to say….that makes it very vocal and engaging.

We gathered thoughts through a series of discussions, breakout rooms, polls and questions.

The objective (or aspiration) was to find some nuggets on how others have improved safety culture within their workplace and organisation.


What was the outcome?
Firstly, there was a wide and varied view on the actual meaning of “Safety Culture”. Dr Dominic Cooper’s previous work and paper can be Download Here. This can help offer some clarity around the subject. Some of the key pointers towards improving Safety Culture included:

  1. Getting Leadership to take into account Safety Culture more consistently.
  2. Ensuring competency in not only understanding what “Safety Culture”  means but also awareness in following supporting principles.
  3. Focusing on “Managerial non-compliance”.
  4. Taking into consideration lessons learned with focus on “Safety Culture”.
  5. Avoiding “Culture of Fear” or other variations.
  6. Developing partnership or “belonging” with the workforce and not a “them-vs-us” approach.
  7. Getting to grips with “Psychological Safety”.
  8. Ensure feedback and communication with the workforce to encourage a positive safety culture.
  9. Review “How to Manage Management”.
  10. Avoid “Profit before Safety” mentality.

The above is literally a mind dump of the discussions.


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