Masterclass Facilitator Invitation


Masterclass Facilitator Invitation

I am sure you will agree that the landscape of the digital world has shifted into overdrive as a result of the COVID-19 Global pandemic.

Whilst, there might be questions and debates about how long our desire for all things digital might last, many companies and individuals recognise the need to increase their digital knowledge, skills, footprint etc.

Resources are going to be limited and leveraging on digital media for training, consulting, conferences are going to be part of the new norm.

I guess we may all need to adapt to new working styles, medium and client facing platforms.

Why am I contacting you?

This is a bespoke invitation and only sent to a select few.

Simply put, I believe that together we have an opportunity to share our knowledge, skills and experience by leveraging on digital media.

Of course, you might be doing this already or perhaps it was an option you considered but found it wasn’t easy to kick start.

Regardless, together we can make a difference and  generate income by offering services via digital media.

How can we make a difference / collaborate?

In a nutshell:

  • By offering “Masterclass” coaching/ training sessions that are Live Events, which will typically last half-day. However, the latter really depends upon the subject matter.
  • By limiting audience size to 5-10 individuals. The focus is on quality and not quantity.
  • By picking a subject (or subjects) wherein you are the expert i.e., “master”.
  • By keeping costs minimal. We have to recognise that many companies are going to be facing huge financial, business and resource challenges.

The above are just a few points that came to my mind immediately.

Our collaboration will be very much dependent upon trust, flexibility and openness. 

Why RedRisks?

  • We only launched in August 2019, however, we have been fortunate in getting significant momentum and Google/ Bing page rankings (see video). We have around 7K-10K page views per day.
  • Albeit free, we have been doing Live Events very successfully. There is an element of “trust” which is really important when remote services are being provided.
  • We are very much focused on “quality at an afforable price”. That’s why these invites are bespoke and sent to a select few.  


What next?

That really is in your hands.

You got to this page via a link in an email invite that I sent you.

If you find this collaboration opporutnity interesting, reply back and let’s start developing thoughts further.

At this stage, all I can say is thank you for visting this page and reading to this end point.