For my YouTube Channel, this is a Look Back in April and Moving Forward in May (2020).

Having seen many YouTube channels grow and lose the plot regarding content, I want to make sure that I maintain some sort of content review and plan.

This is my first video wherein at the end of every month, I will take some time out to review what was done and also what’s planned for the coming month.

I guess, it’s more for my sanity to make sure that content remains focused on education and not junk.

The Videos produced (and mentioned in this review) are as follows:

Week 14 (1st April 2020): Maintenance Safety Matters

Week 15 (8th April 2020): Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) [RECORDED LIVE EVENT]

Week 16 (15th April 2020): Psychological Challenges after COVID-19 and Potential Solutions

Week 17 (22nd April 2020): Tips for a Successful HAZOP – What are the Key Ingredients

There are more details regarding what’s planned for the coming month on this page: 

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