Safety Leadership – What, Why and How?

Date of Event:   May 4, 2021


Event Duration: 60 Minutes

Tags:  Live Event, Recorded Live Event

About this Event

In this Live Event with Diane Chadwick-Jones, let’s explore the key components of safety leadership and the mechanisms by which it strengthens safety performance, including the statistical proof of effectiveness from across industries.

We know that rules alone don’t drive behaviour, and that even the best trained, most diligent, and well-motivated people can make mistakes due to workplace influences.

For an organisation to be successful, leaders work to shape the culture by the priorities that they set and their engagement with the workforce.

Drawing upon experience from working with many companies, Diane will cover the principles and steps for implementing safety leadership, and how to build your own skills to improve safety in your company.

Let’s focus on:

  • What is “safety leadership”?
  • Why it improves safety performance?
  • How you can build your skills as a safety leader?

Useful References for Capability Development:

Energy Institute Toolbox safety moments:

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