Psychological Wellbeing at Work – Causes, Consequences and Solutions

Date of Event:   April 20, 2021


Event Duration: 60 Minutes

Tags:  Live Event, Recorded Live Event

About this Event

For most people of working age their experiences in the workplace have a significant influence on their overall levels of psychological wellbeing.

Work-related positive and negative influences on psychological wellbeing are much less apparent than factors that affect physical health and even for well-intentioned managers it may be hard to grasp the key drivers of wellbeing at work.

In this conversation with Professor Ivan Robertson, we will cover three main areas:

  • The role of psychological well-being in physical health, individual performance and organizational outcomes and why enhanced psychological wellbeing is win-win for individuals and organizations;
  • The factors that influence psychological wellbeing at work, including workplace stressors, personal factors, management and leadership; and
  • Interventions that can be used to protect and improve psychological wellbeing to help people have more good days at work.

60 Second Clip:

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