TAR #016: Leadership Talks – In Conversation with Colin Orr Burns

Jun 18, 2020

Leadership Talks

In these “Leadership Talks: In Conversation with…” series of videos, I discuss with high profile leaders and get their thoughts and views regarding leadership.  The conversations are free flowing and will touch several areas including Risk & Safety Management, Career Development and general advice that my guests are willing to share openly.

In this episode, I discuss with Colin his experiences as a senior level leader and some of the mistakes that he has learnt based on his experiences.

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About Colin

Colin Orr Burns

Colin Orr Burns


  • A highly experienced international CEO / General Manager, Colin has worked at a senior level in different business sectors, cultures and countries.
  • Colin has a comprehensive record of leading successful change management and restructuring in oil and gas, power, health, telecoms and engineering sectors and building high-performing, multi-disciplinary teams in start-ups and existing businesses, in the UK and overseas.
  • Colin is experienced in building and implementing effective stakeholder influencing strategies and working with senior government figures, up to cabinet and Head of State.
  • Colin is a natural and practically minded communicator who has spoken at many industry conferences and on radio, TV and in the press.
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