How to Improve Human Resilience – Interview with Ed Thomas

Stepping up to Human 2.0 with Ed Thomas

In this interview with Ed Thomas, I discuss with Ed how he deals with life’s challenges and adversities, especially in context to the type of work he has been involved with.

Currently advising Corporate Clients, Ed was a member of an Elite US fighting force involved in high level threat environments and counter terrorism activities. It’s difficult to talk in detail about Ed’s background because it’s highly confidential.

Suffice to say, Ed has “hands on” experience in dealing with incredibly challenging environments, pushing human resilience to the limit.

This is why Ed is the ideal person to share with us his knowledge and experience on How to Improve “Human Resilience” and step up to Human 2.0…

Ed’s Bio

Ed has a highly confidential background and below is just a shortened version:

Without a doubt, Ed’s one of the most charismatic individuals you could ever meet.

It’s impossible in just a few lines or paragraphs to give an idea of his experience and lessons learned. But, let me offer a summary of some of Ed’s achievements and aspirations, without getting too much into some of the highly confidential work that Ed has been involved with:

  • Security expert with 30 years’ experience including covert military and government agency operations; counter terrorism; corporate, security, and travel risk management; resilience; crisis management; and strategic policy.
  • Has led and advised US government agencies on security and intelligence operations in complex and high-threat level environments.
  • Creates and delivers bespoke security, resilience, and leadership services for highly demanding Clients.
  • While serving in the US Army, Ed had “on-the-ground” participation in some of the largest counter terrorist and military operations of this generation.
  • Over his 20-year military career, Ed has spent 4 years as an Infantryman in the 75th Ranger Regiment and over 10 years as an Operator in an Army Special Mission Unit.
  • Ed’s last assignment was as a Course Director at Joint Special Operations University at US Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL.
  • Has fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Was a letter winner in American Football while in college as well as a two time Golden Gloves Boxer (1991 and 1993) while in college.
  • Has competed in a myriad of races including short distance triathlons, 5k, 10k, marathon (3:10:11 in 1997), and an Ultamarathon (46.3 mi in 1998) running races.
  • Has earned multiple valour awards for covert operations and he retired as a Sergeant Major in the Army after 20 years.

And if all that’s not enough, Ed is currently training to try to break 3 hours in the marathon….and he turned 50 July 2020.

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