It’s that time of the year in the UK (Dec 2019), when the risk potential for slips, trips and falls (STF) outside tend to increase.

Christian Harris is the founder of Slip Safety Services and he helps his Clients understand STF risks and reduce accidents via improvement in surfaces and surface maintenance.

In simple terms this is delivered through a combination of:

Pendulum slip testing
• Slip risk assessment
• Anti-slip treatments
• Deep cleaning of floors
• Planned preventative floor care maintenance)

In this Vlog interview, Christian shares with us his the approach that he has developed based on the six sources of slips (CHIMES) with practical, measurable solutions to prevent accidents.

We also make reference to a Vlog that I did with Dominic Cooper on UK’s Safety performance and discuss what’s happening generally with regard to STF prevention.

In the interview, Christian also mentions the “Slip Safety Scorecard” which you can use to understand slip safety better and subsequently implement proven methodologies to reduce risk, lower accident frequency, produce less harm and ultimately save cost. 

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