Gamification for Risk and Safety Management

Jul 29, 2020


Live Event Recording: Risk and Safety Professionals (RASP) Forum on LinkedIn

In July 2020, we had our Live Event for RASP Group members (for  FREE) where we explored Gamification and it’s application for Risk and Safety Management.

The event was hugely engaging and whilst we chatted for nearly 2 hours, the video below is just a summary.

We are planning to hold other Live Events, so don’t miss out. Join us…

What is Gamification?

Gamification can be defined as “the process of turning an activity or task into a game or something resembling a game“. 

Why Gamification?

Gamification supplements and enhances learning by tapping into a participant’s emotions, capability, interests etc by creating an environment that motivates and encourages their drive to be successful through game mechanics and game dynamics.

How to “Gamify”?

Albeit still early in development to an extent, there are lots of ways and opportunities to “gamify” for risk and safety management.

The main principle for any gamification approach is to ensure elements of Game Mechanics and Game Dynamics.

Game Mechanics:  Rules and rewards that appear in a program on a digital platform. Examples may include points, levels, missions, leader boards, badges and progress. Game mechanics are how participants engage with a gamification program and receive next steps and feedback on accomplishments. 

Game Dynamics: Relates to a set of emotions, behaviours and desires found in game mechanics that resonate with people. Examples may include competition through leader boards, collaboration by completing team missions, community by seeing other participants on a news feed, collection when earning unique badges and surprises by unlocking new missions. Game dynamics are used with game mechanics to foster engagement and motivate participants.

Watch the video:

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