Elephant in the Room – The Triple Pandemic

Tuesday, 13th April 2021

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (UK Time)

60 minutes

2020 has been an unprecedented, rollercoaster year and whilst COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a halt, COVID-19 is not the only crisis we are living through. So, what are the others?

One could consider 3 pandemics simultaneously affecting our communities, which includes COVID-19, social injustice and economic insecurity…maybe even others?

Peter Kelly was one of the experts on ISO 45003, a significant step forward in formalising a management system for mental health and well-being.  Peter is Senior Psychologist at The Health and Safety Executive, is involved in visual risk communication and psychological impact of change on Heath and Safety behaviour and is an advisor on several European projects on psychosocial interventions.

Join us for this “freestyle” type conversation with Peter Kelly, in which we engage in dialogue about the pandemics affecting us today and how we can take action to help ourselves and others.