Risk Management Simplified

Based on the ISO 31000 Framework, this eCourse covers Workplace and Process Risk Management.

Risk Management Simplified eCourse

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)


This eCourse covers Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety at Workstations.

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Risk Management Simplified

Based on the book Risk Management Simplified (A Definitive Guide for Workplace and Process Risk Management), this eCourse covers the Fundamentals (Policy) and Arrangements (Plan) following the ISO 31000 Framework.

The book is included with the eCourse as the reference manual.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety at Workstations

  • This eCourse covers Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety at Workstations.
  • THIS eCOURSE IS FREE...because we recognise that with any eCourse (or digital learning medium), it’s important to ensure that we take into consideration your comfort, health and well-being.

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