Introduction to the Cynefin Framework with Dave Snowden

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Introduction to the Cynefin Framework- Interview with Dave Snowden

In this show, which is Part 1 of a 3 Parts series, we explore the Cynefin Framework with the founder Dave Snowden.

Created in 1999,the Cynefin framework is a conceptual framework used to aid decision-making.  It has been described as a “sense-making device”.

Let’s discover with Dave:

  • What exactly is the Cynefin Framework?
  • What are the origins?
  • What’s the purpose / intention?
  • Set the scene for Part 2 (Essentials) and Part 3 (Application).
Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden

Cognitive Edge - Founder

Short Bio (Ref: Wikipedia)

  • Dave Snowden is a Welsh management consultant and researcher in the field of knowledge management and the application of complexity science.
  • Known for the development of the Cynefin framework, Dave is the founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge, a management-consulting firm specializing in complexity and sense-making.
  • Dave is the author of several articles and book chapters on the Cynefin framework, the development of narrative as a research method, and the role of complexity in sense-making.
  • In 2008 Dave and co-author Mary E. Boone won an “Outstanding Practitioner-Oriented Publication in OB” award from the Academy of Management’s Organizational Behaviour division for a Harvard Business Review article on Cynefin.
  • In 2008–2009 Dave wrote a column for KMWorld on trends in technology, “Everything is fragmented”.
  • Dave is the editor-in-chief of the journal Emergence: Complexity and Organization.

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