Cynefin Framework Essentials with Dave Snowden

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Cynefin Framework Essentials with Dave Snowden

In this show, which is Part 2 (of 3), we explore some of the essential features of the Cynefin Framework with the founder Dave Snowden.

When considering “essentials” our focus in on flow between the various domains that Dave introduced in Part 1 (Click Here to Watch/Listen).

Let’s discover with Dave:

  • The details behind Confused and “Aporetic”;
  • Explore Liminality; and
  • Liminality relative to flow between the various domains.

In Part 3, we are going to do a deeper dive and look into application.

Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden

Cognitive Edge - Founder

Short Bio (Ref: Wikipedia)

  • Dave Snowden is a Welsh management consultant and researcher in the field of knowledge management and the application of complexity science.
  • Known for the development of the Cynefin framework, Dave is the founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge, a management-consulting firm specializing in complexity and sense-making.
  • Dave is the author of several articles and book chapters on the Cynefin framework, the development of narrative as a research method, and the role of complexity in sense-making.
  • In 2008 Dave and co-author Mary E. Boone won an “Outstanding Practitioner-Oriented Publication in OB” award from the Academy of Management’s Organizational Behaviour division for a Harvard Business Review article on Cynefin.
  • In 2008–2009 Dave wrote a column for KMWorld on trends in technology, “Everything is fragmented”.
  • Dave is the editor-in-chief of the journal Emergence: Complexity and Organization.

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