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Thursday, 22nd April 2021

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (UK Time)

60 minutes

Cynefin: Basics to Intermediate

From previous shows (IntroductionEssentials & Application) we understand that the Cynefin Framework can help us to make decisions.

In many situations, decisions can be made by anyone with some skills training.

Some situations are more complicated and require experts to analyse and decide on an optimal solution.

And when there is uncertainty or unpredictability involved, the decision-making method is very different.

  • What type of everyday decisions are your workers making, especially when faced with a conflict, dilemma, or a situation never seen before?
  • With physical COVID-19 protocols in place and people mentally working remotely, how can a risk and safety practitioner stay in touch?
  • In your new normal,  when would you like to hear about pending danger – during the accident investigation or before it happens?
  • What is your decision  – to be reactive or proactive?

In this Intermediate session, we tap into involving workers as natural storytellers and make it easy for them to inform you what is going on.  We will be launching a demo tool that viewers can test and experience a new meaning for worker engagement.

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Cynefin 101 Basics to Intermediate

Hosts /Facilitators

Sonni Gopal

Sonni Gopal


Sonni is the COO and founder of

Gary Wong

Gary Wong


Gary is Complexity Facilitator at Gary Wong & Associates

Stream Team

Stream Team


The Stream Team comprises of Risk & Safety Professionals (RASP) from across the world who have kindly volunteered their time, expertise and knowledge so that we can benefit from their experience.

Our “common” mission and vision is to provide a platform and an opportunity to network with like minded individuals.