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I love writing and sharing my experience, knowledge and lessons learnt on risk and safety management. Whenever, I get the chance, I will author and “self-publish” my books.  

Books to date that I have published are listed below and I will update this page as changes happen (especially as I have some books “in the pipeline”).

Risk Management Simplified: A Definitive Guide for Workplace and Process Risk Management

About the Book:

Based on ISO 31000 (Risk Management Guideline), this book provides a “layperson’s” guide on the Risk Management Framework.

Risk management is more than just “managing risks”. Successful risk management requires a holistic approach based upon Elements that make up a Risk Management Framework.

In this book, the focus is on Workplace and Process Risks Management and the intended audiences are risk and safety management practitioners, trainers, managers, leaders in Organisations and anyone interested in successfully managing risks.

Check out the FREE eCourse based on this book.  There are 62 Mini-videos (3 mins/video avg.).  

Available on Amazon as eBook or Paperback

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