Better Decision Making with Behavioural Science

Tuesday, 6th April 2021

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (UK Time)

60 minutes

In this Live Event with Tim Houlihan we are going to focus on the biases and mental shortcuts we use to make simple decisions in a complex world.

Let’s discuss the way our behaviours are largely framed by our circumstances and how large a role context plays in answering the why-do-we-do-what-we-do question.

Tim is enthusiastic and upbeat and I think you’ll find his ideas practical for enhancing work life and home life.

Tim Houlihan is the co-founder of the award-winning podcast, Behavioral Grooves, and the founder of the consultancy BehaviorAlchemy.

Tim’s worked with academic researchers at universities in the United States, Europe, Singapore, and India, and has also been applying behavioural science in product development, product marketing, UX, CX, HR and sales for nearly 20 years.

His podcast, with co-host Kurt Nelson, PhD, has published more than 200 episodes and has listeners in more than 120 countries.

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