Behaviour Based Safety and Actively Caring for People

May 31, 2019

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)

If you are not familiar with Behaviour Based Safety (BBS), a quick search on the internet will give you a lot of information.  For simplicity, let’s just say that BBS:

  • Provides visibility and control over a key upstream indicator of safety performance, which is safe and at-risk behaviours.
  • Uses simple but effective observation techniques.
  • Is NOT about blaming the workers.
  • Is about coworkers observing each other, identifying occurrences of safe and at-risk behaviours.  Which is followed up with the observer giving constructive (one-on-one) feedback to reinforce safe work behaviours.
  • Is about discussing alternatives for any observed at-risk behaviours.

[REF: Safety Performance Solutions]

The above is just a summary and it’s a fairly deep subject as you can imagine.

In 2017, I did a series of 5 interviews (shows) with Professor Scott Geller...the Pioneer of Behaviour Based Safety.

The shows were structured as follows:

Off we go...

SHOW 5: BBS and Actively Caring for People (AC4P)

Duration = 13 mins (approx)

We discuss Scott’s journey into Actively Caring for People (AC4P) and how this is connected to BBS.

Scott shares with us his vision regarding AC4P and what Scott wants everyone to think about when it comes to Behaviour Based Safety and that message is:


It’s not about blaming the workers…!

Professor Scott Geller – Short Bio

The pioneer of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS), Scott  is Alumni Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech and Director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems.
Scott is founder of the idea of “Actively Caring” and GoogleScholar, references Scott as a “significant figure in his field, having over 20 papers each with over 100 citations”.
Scott has numerous publications and a small selection of his recent books are listed here.
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