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Behaviour Based Safety Alignment

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)

If you are not familiar with Behaviour Based Safety (BBS), a quick search on the internet will give you a lot of information.  For simplicity, let’s just say that BBS:

  • Provides visibility and control over a key upstream indicator of safety performance, which is safe and at-risk behaviours.
  • Uses simple but effective observation techniques.
  • Is NOT about blaming the workers.
  • Is about coworkers observing each other, identifying occurrences of safe and at-risk behaviours.  Which is followed up with the observer giving constructive (one-on-one) feedback to reinforce safe work behaviours.
  • Is about discussing alternatives for any observed at-risk behaviours.

[REF: Safety Performance Solutions]

The above is just a summary and it’s a fairly deep subject as you can imagine.

In 2017, I did a series of 5 interviews (shows) with Professor Scott Geller…the Pioneer of Behaviour Based Safety.

The shows were structured as follows:

Off we go…

SHOW 3: Alignment

Duration = 14 mins (approx)

We discuss “Alignment”

After the paradigm shift, there was a need for alignment, or perhaps realignment.

In this interview, we discuss what needs to be done to get the wheels back on track.

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