BBS Live Event Sessions - Feedback Survey

BBS Live Event Sessions – Feedback Survey Results

Following our 2 Live Events with Professors Dominic Cooper, Scott Geller and Tim Marsh, we have collated the results from the feedback survey.

The survey was 100% anonymous and only the Live Event (first and second) participants were invited to take part. The survey represents around 25% of the total attendees (i.e., 12 responses and average of 50 per session – there were many who attended the first who also attended the second, so I have just assumed 50 for simplicity).

The survey results ate shown below.


  1. Too academic
  2. OK as “starting” sessions go, but needs to be more practically focused
  3. Really good for establishing a baseline
  4. Not useful at all


  1. A real problem and how it was dealt with. We should invite a participant to present so that we can learn from them.
  2. More details on the history of BBS etc.
  3. Challenging unsafe acts and having these engaging conversations can have real positive effects. How do you deal with repeat behaviours without having a gone mad disciplinary culture?
  4. Where is the place for consequence within a BBS system?
  5. What makes a good safety leader and are there any role models?


  1. Mornings (UK)…say 10am till 12pm
  2. Early Afternoon (UK)…say 12pm – 3 pm
  3. Late Afternoon (UK)…say 3pm -6pm
  4. Evening (UK)…say 6pm – 8pm
  5. Late Evening (UK)…say 8pm – 10pm

Note: 2 Choices were allowed here, hence the count seems strange.


  1. Good and keep them going monthly
  2. Good and keep them for every quarter
  3. Not very useful
  4. Are OK, but I will have another think after the next session.


  1. ZOOM is good.
  2. Keep Sonni…he’s doing OK 🙂
  3. Keep the baseline and make it more practically focused.
  4. Next session we want to focus on What makes a good safety leader and are there any role models?
  5. Make it late afternoon UK time (3pm to 6pm)
  6. These sessions are good and worth keeping (for now).

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