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10 Aspects to Take Into Consideration for Risk and Safety Performance Reviews

Safety and risk performance reviews play a key role in continuous improvement.




Whilst not limited and not in any particular order, when it’s time for a safety and risk performance review within your Organisation, here are 10 aspects that you may want to take into consideration.

  1. Is there is a positive attitude, culture and approach regarding safety management performance and efficiency related issues?
  2. Are Key Performance Indicators (KPI) defined, implemented, established, collected, regularly reviewed and managed.
  3. Are performance expectations clearly defined based on KPI and resources assigned for achieving them.
  4. Do incident investigations focus on system failures and not just human error, procedures etc.
  5. Are regular physical inspections (in field) reviews conducted either as general reconnaissance or leadership site visits.
  6. Are work related activities (e.g., task based risk assessment) and their reviews carried out and are they timely.
  7. Are risk and safety management meetings held regularly and is there clarity regarding purpose, vision, mission and agenda.
  8. Have chain of custody aspects been clearly defined with regard to documentation, storage and retrieval.
  9. Is risk ownership and accountability clear and are everyone aware of their obligations and responsibility to ensure issues are resolved in a timely manner
  10. Have sufficient resources been allocated with regards to achieving objectives, goals and targets (i.e., financial, capital, people etc).

The above list is not exhaustive, however, based upon my experience getting a sense check on the above will certainly provide a snap shot into the Organisation’s approach for risk and safety management.

It’s also quite plausible, if you wanted to show pictorially, the results of the findings in the form of a heat map

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